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Golf Pride Golf Club Grips

Golf Pride grips for improved golfing accuracy

Quite simply, Golf Pride is unrivalled when it comes to producing golf club grips that deliver dependable, professional performance. No other grip comes close to Golf Pride grips in terms of popularity or success.

An incredible record

Golf Pride grips have an amazing record behind them. Thirty-four of the last forty golf majors have been won using Golf Pride grips, with 144 tour wins worldwide in 2017. To put that in perspective, their nearest rival clocked up just thirteen tour wins all year.

The professional choice

80% of golf professionals choose to use Golf Pride grips out of their own free will. Their endorsement comes purely on the basis that they love the Golf Pride performance. They are without a doubt the number one golf grip on the tour and the most respected grips in the game.

Reasons for choosing Golf Pride grips

Golf Pride are the number one choice of grip because they offer the features that golfers need, whether you are an enthusiastic amateur or a seasoned pro. Golf Pride grips offer low torque yet high traction, giving you the truest possible swing. The removal of slipping or twisting of the club in your hand helps you to put the golf club head exactly where you want it. They are available in a range of sizes, including standard and midsize, and can be made from rubber or cord. The best grips, i.e. multi-compound grips, combine materials to give different properties for your top and bottom hands.

Upgrade and refurbish your clubs

Golf Pride grips can be used to upgrade or refurbish almost any golf clubs, improving their performance beyond recognition. Simply slide off the old grip and slide on the new one. This means that even if you have a cheap set of clubs, you can still enjoy professional standard grip to get the very best out of each swing. Golf pride can be used to add style too, with a range of colours and designs, as can be found in the new decade range.