Golf Rangefinders

Helping you putt whatever the weather

Whether youre looking for GPS or laser, search golf rangefinders for a more accurate swing. These golf accessories can help find the best club for the hole or work out how far your golf ball needs to go.

GPS or Laser

There are two types of golf rangefinder being GPS and laser. GPS rangefinders usually work faster, but they do require the course to be mapped in order to do this. Depending on the type of service you require, the rangefinders may also require a monthly subscription in order to keep the maps up-to-date.

Laser finders may take a little longer to find the measurements and distances but they dont require any updating or additional costs.

Laser Rangefinders

If you want to use a laser rangefinder, your object must be within view. To determine the distance, aim the rangefinder and look through the viewing port before pulling the trigger to send the laser beam to the target. Theyre great for knowing how far away the hole is to know how far you need to swing.

GPS Rangefinders

When you use a GPS rangefinder, youll need to load your chosen course before you go to play. Once you get on the course, turn on your GPS satellite feed and let it register where you are. Once youve finished with the selected hole, it with automatically move onto the next hole at the course so you wont have to keep fiddling with your rangefinder on the go.


One of the most well-known brands that produce high-performance sports optics is Bushnell. They have over 60 years experience and believe in producing the highest quality and most reliable equipment. Bushnell rangefinders are the most used rangefinders by professional golfers and caddies. The Bushnell tour V4 contains Jolt technology ensuring the laser is pinned onto the flag more accurately helping improve your golf whatever the weather.