Golf umbrellas to keep you on the green

Ask most players and they will tell you that the single most important piece of golf equipment is not the right driver or putter, it's not even the best golf balls. Because when you are out on a huge open course, far away from the clubhouse, the most important of your golf accessories by far is your trusty golf umbrella.

All weather sport

Golf is played in all kinds of weather, with only the most severe storms resulting in a game being abandoned. And if you are playing links golf, along the coast, you are almost asking to be caught in a squally storm or two off the sea. Having a good quality golf umbrella is so important, and you shouldn't go without quick drying golf towels either.

Golf umbrella design

Just like golf clothing, golf umbrellas range from the subtly branded understated styles like classic black, to the loud and outrageous, and you can choose your brolly to match your style. They also come in a range of widths, from around 48 inches to over 68 inches. The bigger the brolly, the more protection you have.

Brollies to beat the wind

All golf umbrellas will keep the rain off, but for serious weather, you may want other nifty features too. Your golf umbrella should be windproof or stormproof so that it will not turn inside out or collapse completely under pressure. Double canopy or vented golf umbrellas allow air to move through without compromising your umbrella's strength and resilience.

Protection from the sun

In some areas of Australia, you'll need your brolly to protect you from the sun as much as the storms, so look for a golf umbrella with inbuilt UV protection in the fabric to save you from getting burned on exposed courses.

Other considerations

It's worth remembering that you have to carry your golf umbrella around the course with you, so look for a lightweight model if you can. Fibreglass or carbon fibre shafts are much lighter than metal ones and provide the same strength and stability.