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Google Home Mini Smart Speakers

Get a Home Assistant: Try Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a smart speaker that uses your voice commands to do a lot of things such as playing music, controlling playback of videos, and receiving news updates. It can also integrate third-party software to interact with home automation, letting you control various devices using your voice.

What are some of the distinguishing features of Google Home Mini?

Besides creating a magical ambiance, Google Home Mini will help you do tasks without touching the smart appliances. Using artificial intelligence, the device can also support multiple users by recognising their distinct voices. If you use Google frequently, you can ask Google Home Mini to get answers for your questions while you concentrate on the actual job.

You don't need to set alarms and notifications because Google Home Mini will let you organise your calendar. In fact,iIt is increasingly used with third-party applications allowing users to take charge of their home environment. Setting the temperature control and turning off the kitchen lights are things that you easily can do using your voice commands. If you want even more control, try giving it orders to play movies from Netflix or translate another language to English. In simple words, imagine it as your home assistant.

What is the difference between Google Home Mini and Google Home?

The most striking difference between the two devices is the smaller size and the fabric-like disc shape of Google Home Mini. If you want a tiny home assistant, it will fit in almost every corner of the home making it easier to match the colour with the existing setup. In fact, the variety of colours also allows users to integrate it easily within the home environment.

Unlike the larger Google Home, this smart application charges using a Micro USB, which makes it even easier to use. As the name suggests, Google Home Mini is not designed for physical interaction; therefore, designers have avoided touch control on top but retained advanced features such as Bluetooth.

Can Google Home Mini send text messages?

Yes, if you can use Google Home Mini to send text messages. Android users can utilise the IFTTT platform to communicate with others using text. If you don't have the Android or you want more options, the device uses AutoVoice to create customisable voice commands. The AutoVoice setup supports natural language to process voice search and commands.