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If you're looking for a wallet or card holder that's classy and stylish, it's hard to go past a Goyard. This designer creates timeless pieces with classic textured-look prints. Made in France, these wallets seem to emanate an effortless sophistication.

How to look after your new wallet

Goyard wallets are made with premium leather, and they require a little care in order to stay at their best. Once a week, wipe down your new wallet with a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt and oils from handling. Keep it out of sunlight to minimise damage.

Go minimalist with a card holder

Overloaded wallets can cause a number of problems that you might never see coming. Because you'd typically carry them in trouser or short pockets, they can unbalance your stride or even put your back muscles out. If you tend to absent-mindedly stuff your wallet with receipts, spare change, and random pieces of paper, a card holder might just be a great compromise, as you can only put so much into one.

Get a matching product for a female loved one

Goyard also make some gorgeous women's handbags and purses that you can gift to someone you love. Or, if matching outfits really isn't your thing, you could shop for a Chanel wallet for her instead. Either way, both of you get to look and feel fabulous.