No paint job is too big with Graco

Extremely well-known and popular for industrial use in particular, Graco offers a superb range of paint fed sprayers for all types of application and requirements. Whether you're a painter and decorator, labourer, handyman, or just looking to do a large DIY project, you certainly save time and effort with Graco's high quality, durable and accurate paint spraying products.

3600PSI Pressure Airless Paint Spray Gun Guard For Graco Titan Wagner Sprayers

If you're working on a slightly smaller DIY job or industrial project, why not try one of these nifty spray gun heads for when a paint roller just won't do. Durable and reliable, these stainless steel, rust-proof spray guns are specially designed for faster, more accurate paint delivery. Very easy to use and with an ergonomically designed handle to reduce muscle fatigue, this high pressure no gas sprayer is also great for spraying a variety of coatings such as primers, varnishes, latex and stains.

Graco Jet Rollers

Ideal for rough or porous surfaces or for internal painting of walls or ceilings, Graco Jet Rollers are beautifully lightweight and portable so you can defy gravity with no aching arms. Consisting of a spray roller, a spray extension and a hand roller all in one, this really is a vital addition to any DIYer's kit and easily fits all airless sprayers.

Large industrial spray guns

For something really powerful superb for very heavy duty work, why not take a look at the Graco GMAX II 5900 Airless spray paint gun. With a 160 cc Honda engine and the ability to deliver up to 1.6 gallons per minute, the GMAX II 5900 is the top notch standard for any professional contractor to spray numerous different surface types. End tedious stoppages and save time by never again searching for tips, filters, and tools as the pump can be changed quickly and easily entirely by hand. Plus the 300 feet of Quikreel hose will open out and wind back up again with no risk of kinks or twisting.