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Graters & Zesters

Food graters for easy meal prep

Easy to use food graters, zesters, and peelers are essential pieces of kitchen gadgetry. The stainless steel grater blade allows you to grate and prep foods efficiently to your taste.

Different types of modern food graters

Rotary food graters make the messy job of grating cheese, vegetables, and other foods much more convenient. This stainless steel food grater has a compact boxy shape with a cylindrical drum grater and a push down handle. Some designs feature a side handle that controls the grating speed. Easy to clean, graters are ideal for preparing a variety of foods. Additional slicer and shredder drums are also available for the handheld grater, giving you different cuts.

Food graters that boast a long 12 inch design typically feature a sturdy non-slip handle and a fine blade grater. The slimline microplane design is ideal for zesting citrus fruits and grating hard cheeses, ginger, and chocolate.

The traditional four-sided box graters are a popular kitchen gadget. The box-shaped stainless steel food grater offers four different grating surfaces that are perfect as a classic cheese grater, as well as slicing and grating a variety of foods. Some modern designs include a removable plastic compartment at the base for the catching of your gratings.

Food graters with less mess and storage functions are available in a selection of styles and sizes. Some of these models comprise of a lid with a built-in in stainless steel grater attached to a removable container. Once you have grated the food you can conveniently store it in the fridge.

Multi purpose food graters

Tabletop food graters have a non-slip sturdy base that supports the angled sleeve and removable grating drum. Attach the handle to the stainless steel and turn to grate the food of your choice. Most designs are supplied with a selection of different grating blades.

Although primarily used for turning boiled potatoes into the perfect mash, Mouli food graters feature removable discs that have fine mesh blades. The grater is also ideal for sieving tomatoes for pasta sauces.