The Right Type of Greenhouse Can Help You Protect and Nurture Your Plants

Greenhouses range in size and purpose and can be used for a multitude of horticultural endeavours. Whether you grow delicate plants as a hobby, have a vegetable garden, or run a large horticultural business, having the correct greenhouse will enable you to be successful in your efforts. You can find a variety of greenhouses on eBay for various prices.

What is the purpose of a greenhouse?

Greenhouses are used to grow plants in a controlled environment. These structures, also known as glasshouses and hothouses, are often used to grow plants out of season or in normally unsuitable climates. Sometimes they are used to germinate plants before they are moved to growing areas outside. They can range in size and purpose, from small structures that serve solely to protect outside plants from adverse weather to commercial farming buildings that utilize sophisticated equipment like computers.

What types of greenhouses are there?

There are three main types of greenhouse structures on eBay:

  • Lean to A lean to is attached to another structure, such as a home or garage. Having an attached hothouse lets you access your plants from the main building, and it is convenient to use existing utilities in the main structure with the attached structure.
  • Detached Detached greenhouses are independent structures but may be connected to a work area or connect to other hothouses through walkways. The most common type of these detached structures is the Quonset, which is good for growing most crops but is less conducive for growth near the sidewalls.
  • Ridge and furrow The ridge and furrow type is a series of hothouses that are connected on the sides for the entire length. These are also known as gutter connected hothouses. They are most suitable for commercial uses.
How do greenhouses work?

These buildings use solar radiation to store and trap heat. This creates an artificial environment for plants when the outdoor temperatures are adverse. Heat enters through the glass and warms the plants and soil. The heated air near the ground rises and creates circulation, which raises the temperature to be higher than that of the outside.

In temperate climates, the naturally induced radiation is sufficient, but in more frigid climates, artificial heating is necessary as well. Some hothouses will use central heat provided by a supporting structure, and some will use separate heating units that use heating coils, heating fans, or gas.

What are cold frames?

Cold frames are a form of miniature greenhouse. This miniature greenhouse enclosure has transparent roofs that are built close to the ground. These structures are primarily used to protect the plants from extreme weather conditions, such as cold temperatures and wind. They work by letting in sunlight and preventing heat from escaping. Cold frames are often used as staging areas for plants being transferred from a hothouse to an exterior environment. They are also used in home gardens and small farming ventures, however.