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Why Choose Grey Bedside Tables?

When choosing bedside tables, the main idea is to match it with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. The colour grey is quite neutral and goes with every other colour, as much as black and white does. That is why a grey nightstand might just be the ideal choice for your bedroom.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Small Bedside Table?

Before choosing a colour and design, you must consider functionality as well. While some may choose bedside tables for decor, others want to make the most out of it by having bedside drawers, larger surface areas and sometimes, customisable panels for lights and air conditioning. Besides that, here are some great reasons why you must have a nightstand:

  • You can place a reading lamp as well as a book on your nightstand.
  • You can place toiletries such as lotions, moisturisers and more in the drawers.
  • It can complete a room by adding symmetry to your bedspace.
  • You can keep your valuables close to you inside the nightstand.

What Kind of Grey Side Tables Can You Find?

Although there are thousands of designs out there, you may find a few classic models that can give you the function and aesthetics that you need. Bedside tables are usually chosen based on height, material and colour. When choosing grey bedside tables, it is important to consider whether or not it is a matching addition to your bedroom. Here are some types of grey side tables:

  • Fabric Nightstand
  • Leather Nightstand
  • Table Lamp Nightstand
  • Nightstands with Lock and Keys
  • Antique Nightstands

How Should You Choose a Nightstand for Your Bedroom?

Before you purchase a nightstand that stands out to you, make sure that it is the perfect fit and size for your bedroom. You can't have a nightstand that is too high or too low. Either would make it difficult for you to reach anything on the bedside table. Here are some tips on how you can prepare to buy a nightstand:

  • A night stand is typically 64 centimetres in height. However, you can get a nightstand based on the height of your bed. A nightstand should be level with your bed.
  • Consider whether you want storage space such as drawers or cabinets. Some designs do not offer those, so it is best to check first.
  • Try to buy matching nightstands because choosing two different kinds are not recommended by interior designers.
  • They don't need to match your bed, but they must match the aesthetics of your room. Wood and leather bedside tables are common choices that are safe. Metal and plastic nightstands are a bit more difficult to place aesthetically.
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