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 Snuggling Up for a Good Night’s Sleep

While swaddling has long been practised with newborns, it can actually have beneficial effects for older babies as well. Swaddling babies can help them feel secure, keeping them in a natural position, while encouraging them to sleep for longer periods. How long should a baby be swaddled for? Swaddling can be a great option, right up until babies can turn themselves over. Then, for safety reasons, it’s best to free up their arms. But, isn’t swaddling difficult? The traditional swaddling method using a blanket can indeed be tricky to master. Which is where the swaddling bag comes in.

The Gro Company offers one of the world’s most popular swaddling bags, the Grobag. Founded in the UK, the company transformed the market, taking the UK from 0% baby sleeping bag usage in 2000, to 80% usage five years later, to 95% usage today. Now, The Gro Company offers a range of baby sleeping bag options, as well as a selection of other baby products, such as the Gro-egg, the Gro-clock and the Gro Anywhere Blind. In terms of its baby sleeping bag options, there is the Gro-swaddle and Gro-snug for newborns, the Grobag for babies and toddlers, and the Gro-to-bed range, designed to help littlies transition to their own big bed.

Buying Grobag Sleeping Bags

Grobag has worked closely with UK charity The Lullaby Trust, creating safer sleep for babies. With a Grobag, there is no need for blankets in the cot, helping to make it a safer sleep environment for babies. Want to invest in a Grobag? eBay is the right place to be! With a fantastic range of nursery bedding essentials, eBay has everything from sleeping bags and sleepsacks, to nursery bedding sets, baby bumpers and cot sheets and sets. Check out Grobag baby sleeping bags today, and discover the many benefits of swaddling!