Grow Light Kits

Hydroponic indoor gardening is a great way to keep you busy during colder and darker winter months. Moreover, it also provides you with the chance to grow plants that would otherwise die in your climate. With grow light kits, you can ensure your plants receive the maximum light they need. When picking your light kit, consider the different types of lights: fluorescent, LED, incandescent, and HID, as this is the most important feature of any grow light kit. Once you have the right kit, you look for hydroponic seed starting supplies to quick-start your garden.

Fluorescent Lights

Compared to conventional incandescent lights, the fluorescent bulbs are far more efficient, producing more light with less electricity. 6500K fluorescent lights are ideal for most plants, except large ones that thrive better with HID bulbs, which penetrate more deeply. CFL compact fluorescent lamp grow light kits are a useful subtype, great for smaller plants and for beginner gardeners.

LED Lights

LED light emiting diode grow light kits use the least electricity, although their upfront cost is higher than that of the other options. However, it is a great investment because the light-emitting diode lamps also last longer and further cut the electricity costs, as they do not emit much heat and you do not have to worry about cooling.

Incandescent Lights

The incandescent bulbs are standard household bulbs, but probably not the best option for plants due to their inefficiency. The spectrum they produce is not favourable either.

HID Lamps

The high intensity discharge, or HID, lamps provide heavy light output. They come in two variations: mechanical and electronic ballast. The latter are compatible with more bulb types and save more power. As HID lamps do produce lots of heat, you need to consider this depending on the types of plants you grow. When your plants thrive in higher temperatures than you keep your home, this can be beneficial, but for other plants, this could be what kills them.