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Add Flair to Your Casual Wear with Gucci Men’s Trainers

Gucci men’s trainers are an excellent choice if you are looking for quality, comfortable sneakers. They are often made of cowhide leather and are easy to maintain because the upper part is perfectly stitched to the sole. You will find a range of used and new Gucci sneakers for men on eBay.

Variations of Gucci men’s trainers on eBay

Gucci sneakers for men come in different styles, colours, and designs. They can be made with pure leather uppers, branded canvas, or come with an embroidered logo such as the bee, snake, or tiger. Styles include low-tops, hightops, and padded ankles.

How can you identify genuine Gucci men's trainers?

Ensuring that your new or slightly used Gucci men's trainers are genuine involves studying any photographs in the listing and considering the following:

  • Use of glue: Luxury shoe brands don't tend to use glue. Sellers of inspired-by-Gucci men’s trainers will mention adhesives and might include non-stitched fastenings such as Velcro.
  • The serial number: Gucci shoes have an 8-digit serial number. The first six are unique to each shoe, and the last two indicate the shoe size. Many listings have these serial numbers noted, but you can confirm by checking the lining of the shoe.
  • Dust bags: Dust bags for Gucci shoes come in several designs but in only three colours: black, white, and brown. If you are considering second-hand or used Gucci men's trainers, the dustbag might not be the original. If in doubt, ask the vendor for confirmation.
  • The price: Inspired-by or in-the-style-of Gucci men sneakers will come at half or less than the actual price for real Gucci men’s sneakers. If you are in any doubt, ask the vendor for confirmation of whether your preferred item is genuine.
What are the benefits of a dust bag?

Dust bags are essential for protecting your Gucci men's sneakers from sun exposure, colour transfer, dust, and excess moisture. Therefore, if possible, ask the seller for a dust bag for your pair of Gucci men’s trainers. Be aware that a genuine dust bag may increase the price of the listing.

Gucci men's trainers ranges

The sports-luxe style of Gucci men's trainers has several design series options. These include Ultraspace, a more athletic style with an increased heel height; Rhyton, which has a similar aesthetic but the whole sole is raised; Screener and Ace, which both maintain the Classic GG sneaker style; and Flashtrek, which is a more militaristic and boot-like variation of the Gucci men's sneaker style.

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