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  Form or Function?   

When buying essential accessories such as the handbag, there are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration. One of the most important of which is functionality. For the most part, women are not carrying around a handbag for no reason at all. The bag is not empty. The bag has purpose because it allows its owner to carry all the essential items she needs for the day. This is usually all the mundane items associated with being out and about. From her laptop to her smartphone, from her purse to her keys, these are the essential items many women can’t leave home without. So, if a bag is not functional – if it cannot carry all these essential items – it’s pretty close to useless.   But what about form? For many women, a handbag is a thing of beauty. For lovers of designer handbags, these are beautiful works of art to be lusted after. Gucci, for example, offer some very lovely examples of gorgeous handbags. Are they functional? Well, considering the price tag, one would certainly hope so. Founded in Florence in 1921, this Italian luxury brand knows a thing or two about creating spectacular bags that balance form and function. Not only do they look good, they can be pretty handy to carry around. The only thing buyers need to worry about is how far their wallet will stretch to buy this delightful testament to Italian design.   

Buying Gucci Women’s Bags   

Buying Gucci women’s bags on eBay can offer a great way to save money – or simply check out the amazing range of options. Take a look at the various new-with-tags and new-without-tags Gucci bags for that incredible new bag feel, or check out new-with-defects and pre-owned options to save a little cash.