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Gucci Men's Shoes

Gucci Mens Shoes

Gucci is an iconic brand of Italian luxury and leather fashion. The business belongs to Kering, a French holding company. Guccio Gucci created the concept in 1921. Today, it has reached and maintained worldwide renown and respect. This company manufactures and sells a varied line of products including Gucci shoes for men. All Gucci products come from Italy.

What shoes can you buy?

Here are some Gucci loafers and footwear:

  1. Ace GG Supreme Sneakers. This is your classic, low-top pair. It bears the GS signature. Get this in beige or ebony canvas with blue-coloured snake detail on the back of one shoe and a red one on the other back. Soles are fitted with rubber.
  2. Ace Leather Sneakers. This pair of Gucci sneakers is available in eight variants. Get an embroidered set or in white or black leather. The design is low-top and classic. with GS web details. You get rubber soles for traction. It is.25-inch high.
  3. Leather Slip-on Sneakers. Feel like youre just putting on Gucci slippers with this pair. A slip-on sneaker embroidered with gold thread-embroidered bees and stars, two of Alessandro Micheles signature details. These slip-on shoes have elastic inserts for easy wear. The leather material retains that casual to formal appeal. Soles are rubber and the height is at.2 inches.

What laced-up shoes can you buy?

When a meeting calls for something dressy, switch from Gucci trainers to these options:

Leather Lace-up with web shoes. This pair is smooth and slim. It has elongated toes and grosgrains. You will notice some web details on the heel parts. It comes in black leather and green/red web details. The heels are.6 inch.

Queercore Brogue shoes. Dress up in this trendy, striking pair. This has tones of punk and a free-spirited aura. It has a lace-up closure, a tiger head buckle across the front, leather soles and gives.75 inch of heel height.

Classic Black Leather lace-up shoes. A timeless design, this slim, smooth lace-up pair of dress shoes matches all your formal and semi-formal Gucci mens clothing. The toes are slightly elongated and use Goodyear construction leather. The heel height is at.5 inch. You get leather soles.

How do you care for leather shoes?

Here are three tips to properly care for your leather:

  1. Wipe off dirt and dust gently with a dry cloth.
  2. Use an appropriate shoe polish that is non-abrasive and that matches your shoe colour.
  3. Keep leather shoes away from direct sunlight to avoid brittleness.