Guitar Amplifier Heads

Turn up the volume

A guitar amplifier, or amp head usually attaches to a cab, which allows the guitarist to play at much higher volumes with added tone. A head amplifier is as good as it gets and they are available from a huge range of brands, ranging from Blackstar to Orange and even Line 6. Mesa Boogie and Marshall are some of the most popular guitar amplifier heads out there and head guitar amplifiers are known to outperform combo amps with ease.


A guitar amp head will usually come with many different options when customising the sound. The channels will determine the different types of sound that can be achieved. The tone can be adjusted with the electric and acoustic guitar controls however some guitarists prefer to plug in footswitches and even pedals to refine the sound of the guitar amp head even further.

The sound of the amp channel will depend on the guitar amplifier and the guitar. Brands such as Blackstar are more geared to rock and metal, whereas Marshall can be used for blues and jazz. Reverb is just one of the many customisable options you get with a guitar amplifier, with other ones being delay and chorus.


The build of the guitar amp will depend on the brand. Most guitar amp head models come with protective corner pads that help to protect the amp from knocks and dings. Guitar amplifier head models are usually measured in terms of their wattage. The higher the watt on the guitar amp head, the louder the sound will be and the more punch the amp will have.

It's more than possible to play a guitar amp head at quieter volumes even if the wattage is high, but you may find that the sound holds back or you may feel as though the amp is not packing as much of a punch when it comes to the lower and mid-end.