Fancy yourself a bit of a rock god? If you love the sound of an electric guitar as it screams through the speakers, then it’s about time you invest in a guitar amplifier. Become the next Angus Young or Eddie Vedder when you plug your guitar in and rip into a few notes, all made better by explosive sound courtesy of an amp.  Whether you are just starting out in your garage or want to upgrade your current guitar amp, there are a few things you need to look for to ensure you’re getting the best piece of equipment to get your musical message out to your (imaginary or real) fans!  

Guide to buying a guitar amp 

 The first thing you will need to ask yourself is whether you should get a combo amp or a head and cabinet. A combo is an all-in-one amplifier, while a head and cabinet are separate, and usually a lot heavier. For small pubs or halls, combo amps at 30-50 watt can deliver the power you need. But if you want enough sonic power to fill an open arena, then you’ll need a head and cabinet, which delivers a nice 100-watt head.  Another thing to consider is solid state or tube amps. Solid-state use transistors for their power sections, and are reliable with a very clean tone. A tube amp provides a warm, fat tone. These usually sound louder but you may need to change the tubes occasionally.  One more feature to think about is the construction: the thinner the wood, the more likely the speaker will vibrate and loosen. Opt for an amp with a thickness of at least ½ inches to keep the speaker in place. Don’t forget to look for good corner protectors, as amps can get a bit damaged when moving from gig to gig.  Buy high quality guitar amplifiers online on eBay from some of the biggest brands like Marshall, Fender and Vox. For all your guitar needs, including  guitar cases, stands and more, there’s only one place to go.