Guitar & Bass Accessories

Rock it With Guitar Accessories

Have you recently taken up playing the guitar or bass? Congratulations – you'll find a world of musical joy opening up to you. Whether you're a beginner or an old expert, though, you'll find a great selection of guitar and bass accessories right here for you on eBay.

Guitar straps to suit your personality

Guitar straps don't just help you settle a guitar or bass into the perfect playing position. They also offer comfort and a way of projecting your personality. Love bright colours? A rainbow strap adds a big pop of colour to your outfit and playing. Want more of a bluegrass feel? A hand-tooled leather strap might be more your style. Whatever the aesthetic you're aiming at, though, there's a strap to help.

Replacement strings are a necessity

One of the most frustrating guitar or bass experiences has to be breaking a string at the start of a jam session or gig, and realising that you don't have any spares on hand. Pick up a few sets of spare strings to save you from this fate – and while you're at it, consider branching out and trying some different brands and materials. Guitar strings, in particular, can vary widely in terms of tone and responsiveness, and it's worth experimenting to find ones that you really love.

Change the sound of your guitar with a single pedal

Not long after guitars went electrics, effects pedals came into being. These change the sound coming from your guitar or bass to add fuzz, echoes, sharpening, and a host of other effects. They're a cost-effective and fun way to get the exact sound you're looking for without investing in a digital effects desk.

Guitar accessories: pick a pack of perfect picks

Picks are renowned for their ability to disappear just when they're needed – often inside the very guitar you want to play. Grab a couple of multi-packs in your favourite colour and designs so that you always have a few extra on hand.