Guitar Cases

Guitar cases come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of guitar types and models. They are an essential accessory for musicians to store and keep their guitar safe from wear and tear during travel or storage. It is important for musicians to find the correct size of case to keep their guitars still.

What kind of cases are available?

Many cases consist of a molded hardshell case that is padded with foam on the inside to prevent scratching or damage. However, there are many different types that will work with several guitar shapes. Some different types of cases include these:

  • Hardshell case: This consists of a fiberglass or wood body with a soft interior.
  • Softshell case: This uses a lightweight yet durable material such as nylon with minimal padding.
  • Hybrid case: This has a combination of lightweight materials on the exterior with a rigid padded interior.
  • Flight bag: This has a specially padded interior with heavy-duty reinforced metal corners that will pass airport inspection.
What type of case should you get?

Whether your chosen case is beneficial depends on what you plan to use the case for. Since each different case type has its own characteristics, it's important to note what you will mainly be using the case for. Here are a few types of cases and their suggested usage:

  • Hardshell or hybrid case: This provides optimum protection while moving from place to place.
  • Softshell case or gig bag: This is preferred for on-the-go instrument musicians because of its light weight.
  • Flight bag: This passes flight inspection and is suitable for cargo storage.
What size of case do you need?

You should ensure that your case is properly fitted to your guitar to prevent damage. Some manufacturers make deluxe accessory cases that are fitted to specific brands of acoustic guitars, so no measurements may be required. To find a properly fitted case, be sure to read the measurements carefully and compare them to your guitar.

How much does a case weigh?

The weights of guitar cases vary based on the types of materials used in them. For instance, you can expect a hard case to have a hefty weight because the exterior shell is made of solid materials. A guitar inside a hardshell case weighs roughly 25 to 28 pounds.

How do you store a guitar case?

For storage over long periods of time, it's ideal to store the instrument in its case against an interior wall at around 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity levels at around 45-55%. The main idea is to avoid extreme lows or highs in either temperature or humidity.