Don't forget the all important parts

Guitar parts all determine what sound the guitar is going to create when played. Guitar parts range from pickups to bridges, pickguards and even necks. Guitar parts are also available from a number of brands, including Gibson, Fender, Yamaha, PRS and Dean. You'll find a huge range of guitar and bass accessories suitable for any guitar on eBay.


Single coil pickups are very bright and cutting with a warm tone. A single guitar pickup can be used, or they can be installed at the neck and bridge position of the guitar. The single coil pickup is placed underneath the string set, and they can create nice highs and very punchy mids. They have a very distinctive twang, however, they can be noisy. There are noiseless pickups and guitar parts available to help counter this. Humbuckers are another option, with passive and active alternatives to choose from. The active or passive humbucker is placed under the string set of the guitar and they produce a warm bass sound with crystal highs and plenty of mid range.


A guitar bridge is what helps to secure the strings in place. They hold the strings over the pickup and the fixed bridge is one of the most popular options. The mechanism doesn't move when it is placed and it doesn't require much attention. Tune-o-matic bridges have individual screws that hold each string in place. These screws also set the height of each string so that they can be customised to meet the needs of the guitarist. On a guitar, the strings are always at a slight gradient to help with picking and with a tune-o-matic bridge, this can be set more precisely. The bridge can also have a double locking tremolo attached and this gives the guitarist the chance to raise the pitch of the note in a matter of seconds.