Guitar Bridges

Ensure your sound with a high-quality guitar bridge

When looking for guitar parts, finding a good bridge is essential. The guitar bridge that you have, whether you have a Fender or a Gibson will depend on the model and the playability of the guitar. On an electric guitar, the guitar bridge will determine how easy the strings are to change. On a Floyd Rose, for example, the strings can be much more difficult to change because if done improperly then the guitar bridge will fall out of line and the tuning will drop.

Hard Tail Fixed Guitar Bridge

Electric guitars such as the Telecaster are known for having a hard-tail fixed guitar bridge. This is one of the easiest bridges for you to understand and the mechanism doesnt move at all. A Fender Telecaster bridge, however, may come with a plate and six adjustable screws. One saddle is allocated for every string and even a new guitarist can learn how the bridge works while also replacing the strings with ease.

Tune-O-Matic Guitar Bridge

A Tune-O-Matic bridge is otherwise known as a fixed bridge. A tremolo arm is often connected to the bridge, and this can be pulled or pushed to adjust the pitch of the guitar, often creating a vibrato effect. If a guitar does not come with a tremolo then its possible to have one installed. Whether or not a tremolo is purchased usually comes down to personal preference, as using a tremolo will detune a guitar, which can be a nuisance during live performances. A Tune-O-Matic guitar bridge has several saddles with posts on either side that can be raised or lowered. This allows for more intricate adjustments.

Hipshot tuners can be paired with a Floyd Rose to ensure that the guitar stays in tune. A Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is also an option, as this allows the guitarist to adjust the pitch of the guitar on a much higher level without compromising the sound. However, traditionalists may want to opt for a more standard tailpiece.