Guitar Effects Pedal Boards and Cases

Effects pedals are useful tools for electric guitar players. They can change the sound of the instrument by translating the electric currents going between the pickup and the amplifier. Popular guitar effects pedals include distortion, overdrive and wah pedals. Electric guitarists often acquire a selection of various ones and arrange them in a certain order to suit their playing style and preferences. To keep your effects pedal setups neat and tidy, you need a guitar effects pedal board or case. These helpful guitar accessories are suitable for the setup of bass effects pedals.

Neat Setups

Pedal boards across all brands and designs have a common aim, which is keep your effects pedal setup neatly assembled. As an effects pedal setup consists of separate pieces of effects pedals and wires to connect them, pedal boards are there to provide the setup a more rigid structure. They keep effects pedals from moving around every time the guitarist steps on the buttons. Some are designed so that the wires connecting the various components can be hidden away from the surface of the setup and offer a neater effects pedal setup.

Easy Storage

Effects pedal cases and some effects pedal boards are designed to help you store away the effects pedals when you're not using them. Hard effects pedal cases often come with a foam lined interior that the effects pedals can fit snugly into. These are ideal for guitarists that travel a lot and need to take their effects pedals on flights. The hard exterior and snug inner linings keep the effects pedals safe from the dangers of being knocked about during travel. Soft effects pedals cases are more suited for compact storage of effects pedals.


Some guitar effects pedal boards have cases designed to fit them without the need for users to disassemble the setup before storing it away. This makes it easy for travelling guitarists to pack and unpack their setup at each new venue they play.