Guitar Fuzz Pedals

Guitar accessories, such as guitar wah volume pedals and flanger pedals, are popular with musicians who want to expand the number of sounds they can create in their music. Another essential effects pedal, guitar fuzz pedals help a musician clip and distort the instrument's signal. Favourite features of a high-quality model often enhance or diminish the effects of treble, bass or brightness to allow musicians to craft the sounds of their play.


A fuzz effects pedal can change its response based on different voltage levels it receives. Some can achieve tight responses that mimic the effects of a distortion pedal. Many bass guitarists choose bass effects pedals, which are created specifically for their instruments, though some bassists enjoy using guitar fuzz pedals and simply select models that feature lower-end responses.

Tone Control

Fuzz pedal input controls can manage sound sensitivity, while tone control knobs can cut treble frequencies. Some guitarists enjoy using the feature to adjust the treble and create a warm and resonant sound that can provide a richer bass effect. This diminished treble frequency can help cut down on shrill or harsh fuzz and help the guitar blend well with other instruments in a band for improved harmony.

Brightness Control

Some models of fuzz effects pedals feature adjustable brightness control knobs that can greatly affect a guitar's sound. Musicians can dial the setting back to cut down on harsh high tones. Further adjustments can result in dark bass and other effects. Many guitarists love to experiment with sounds by adjusting the knob by small increments to discover a variety of tones when they raise or lower the knob, creating grungy or grainy tones for songs with dark moods.

Gain Switch

A versatile gain switch can access a variety of fuzz combinations at different volumes. There are devices that allow a guitarist to boost the gain by using a toggle for an explosion of fuzz that may intimidate some audience members in a good way and get music fans yelling for more. High gain levels can often produce sounds that mix fuzz and distortion elements for a fuller tonal effect.