Guitar Looper & Sampler Pedals

Guitar Looper and Sampler Pedals

Guitar pedals can help to add different effects to your music. Looper pedals record and play back the same riff, creating a "loop" that you can enjoy again and again. Sampler pedals allow you to record sounds from other sources, such as other instruments, and incorporate them into your playing. These pedals offer endless ways to enhance your music and create a signature sound.


When it comes to purchasing guitars and guitar accessories, there are some well-known brands you may recognise. Pick loop pedals from an array of reputable music brands, including Boss, TC Electronic and DigiTech. Some brands offer more sophisticated options, such as Electro-Harmonix, while you can get a simple, no-frills pedal from Vox that gets the job done. Ultimately, your choice is a matter of preference, as well as budget and your musical needs.

Guitar Type

You can purchase pedals that are compatible with either a regular guitar or a bass guitar. Pedals also work whether you play an acoustic or an electric guitar. You can easily connect your guitar looper to an amplifier to enrich the sounds even further. Adding a loop machine to any of these instruments makes your guitar or bass even more versatile and opens up more musical options when you play.


Though a loop pedal may seem like it only offers one feature, there are other types of guitar-pedal boards that put even more power at your fingertips. Instead of just one pedal, a loop station offers multiple effects. This larger pedal consists of multiple knobs that let you create your own music by adding bass, drums and guitars as you play. Other pedals may step up your sound with synthesisers or pick effects based on custom presets. Some options even connect to your PC computer for a wider variety of sounds.

Other Effects Accessories

While adding a loop pedal is important and can open up your range, there are other options to consider adding to your arsenal of effects accessories. A wah-wah pedal works with all types of music and creates its own distinct sound. A distortion pedal does what the name implies, and a screamer pedal adds overdrive. Hook your guitar up to a reverb pedal for shimmering sounds, with each pedal adding something new and exciting to your sound.