Let your pickguard show your personality

Guitar pickguards can be split up into various categories. The pickguard you choose will depend on the style of your guitar, how flashy you want to look when you're up on stage and even the style that you're going for. Different types of pickguard are suited to specific instruments as well, such as guitars and basses. From there, they are split into the types of guitar or bass they can be fitted on, such as a Gibson, Fender or any other style of guitar or instrument.

Acoustic Guitar Pickguard

Acoustic guitar pickguards are often handcrafted. They are available in a range of designs such as tortoiseshell and they can be cut and customised as well. A pickguard for an acoustic guitar is mostly made out of plastic, however, this can be cut at varying thicknesses so that a different sound or effect can be achieved when playing. Some guitarists prefer not to have a guard at all, or they don't want to see the guard on the guitar. For that reason, there are plenty of clear pickguards available to choose from and you can find a lot of different coloured ones or ones that have funky or unique designs right here on eBay.

Electric Guitar Pickguard

An electric guitar pickguard design will ultimately depend on the model of guitar you have. A guard for a Stratocaster won't be suited to the shape of a Jaguar. Pickguards for electric guitars are designed so that the pick doesn't scratch or catch the guitar when it is being played. A loaded pickguard has the ability to mould around the pickups as well, giving you a much higher surface area of protection. Pickguards can easily be interchanged or replaced, as long as the shape of the guard is accommodating to the guitar.