Guitar slides to unleash your inner rock legend

Guitar slides enhance your playing skills while also adding to that classic rockstar feel.

No guitar is truly kitted out unless you have a guitar slide, and with so many accessories available for you to choose from, there has never been a better time for you to find just what you need. Guitar slides and accessories are available in glass, brass, and more. A guitar slide can also be used on acoustic guitars as well as electric guitars.

Slider materials

A guitar slide is usually made out of either glass, metal, or ceramic. A glass guitar slide is smooth and warm whereas a metal slide can offer you a much more distinctive tone. Ceramic slides offer a fine balance between the two. A guitar slide with thinner walls gives you a much higher level of control and this is because your fingers are much closer to the strings.

However, durability can be an issue with glass guitar slides. Thicker walled slides are much more durable but they can be harder for you to control. That being said, the resulting sound is thicker and warmer.

Proper fit

The slide that you go for depends on what type of guitar you have and the desired sound. The guitar slide that you have will also depend on the size of your fingers and level of skill. There's no one-size fits all when it comes to this exciting guitar accessory but you do have to make sure that it fits you snugly. Some guitar players who use a guitar slide have been known to stuff their slide with leather to add additional grip.

Guitar slides are used in a huge range of music styles and this can include rock and roll and blues and country as well. When used with an acoustic guitar, they produce a very distinctive sound that is favoured by country artists across the world.