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If you're a musician, your guitar could be one of your most prized possessions. Taking care of your guitar when you are not playing, is one way to keep your instrument in good working order. At eBay, we sell a wide variety of guitar stands & hangers that will keep your guitar off the floor and out off the way when you are at home or setting up on stage.

There are two basic types of guitar stands and hangers available on eBay, these are free-standing and wall mounted.

Free-standing guitar stands usually have three legs and a low centre of gravity to reduce wobbling. The free-standing guitar rack is often portable and travel friendly so they make a great choice for musicians who plan on playing on stage.

Wall-mounted guitar stands and hangers are more like a guitar hook that is fasted to a wall. If you have space in your home or studio to hang your guitar, these are perfect as they allow quick and easy access to your instrument. If you are going to use a wall-mounted guitar stand or hanger, make sure it is surrey and properly fastened to the wall. This type of guitar stand is great for electric guitars as there is no chance of the bass guitar cables getting tangled around the stand.

If your guitar will be stored in a room that has a lot of visitors, consider a free-standing guitar rack as these are less likely to fall over and damage your instrument if bumped. No matter what type of guitar you have, all guitar stands should have some form of padding to keep your instrument from getting scratched.

We sell a huge range of guitar stands, guitar racks and guitar accessories for acoustic electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, classical guitars and electric guitars.