Showcase your guitar with a stand

A guitar stand is required if you want to store your guitar safely on the wall or even stood up in the corner of the room. The guitar stand that you choose will largely depend on the type of guitar or bass you have and even the colour of stand you want. You can also use a hanger to store your guitar. Most guitar stands and hangers are available in black however it is more than possible to get them in a huge range of other colours as well.

A-Frame Stands

The A-Frame guitar stand is one of the cheapest and simplest guitar stands that you can buy. They can be unstable and when they are collapsed they are small enough to be packed away if you want to go travelling. The problem with this type of stand is that if your guitar falls over then there is no support for your guitar and there is no neck cradle to try and secure it.

Tubular Stands

Tubular stands are often known as being tripod stands. They are the most popular type of guitar stand out there and they are popular because they are very cheap and they work in a huge range of situations. For a beginner, they are the ideal option and they come with a neck cradle. The problem is that they do require some assembly and they cant be packed down very well.

Guitar Rack

A guitar rack isnt really portable at all unless you have a van or somewhere you can move your equipment. A guitar rack allows you to store many guitars at any one time and some of them come with a cover that can be used to secure the guitars from nearly every angle. Other guitar racks are open and therefore only have the top and bottom support option. These are the most sturdy of guitar stands, however, they are not portable.