Guitar straps

If you own a guitar with a solid body such as a Gibson or even a Fender Stratocaster then you'll quickly find that the sheer weight of the guitar is enough to give you muscles built like a tank. Choosing a strap that will support this kind of guitar or any guitar for that matter, is necessary and this is especially the case if you plan on performing on stage.

Guitar attachments and accessories

The weight of the guitar is usually supported by two strap buttons. Some straps feature a security lock or a two-piece guitar strap system. This is where the strap is fastened to the locking nut on the guitar and the guitar strap itself. Both parts of the guitar strap have to be unfastened in order for it to come loose. There are accessories available for the guitar strap, such as closure strips and this helps to keep your guitar as safe as possible at all times.

Guitar strap materials

A guitar strap is usually made out of nylon. Planet Waves are well known for providing a range of accessories and even leather straps as well. It's also possible to get straps made out of cotton, neoprene, rubber and polypropylene. Leather guitar straps are incredibly durable and the style of them means that it won't come loose or rip when you are using it with a heavier guitar such as a Fender. Leather straps are often seen as being more comfortable than other straps.

There are a number of novelty straps produced by Planet Waves and other companies. Flamboyant multicoloured ones and straps that look like bandoliers complete with bullets for those metal heads.

There are also interesting ones with little slits in which to secure plectrums, as we all know how easy it is to lose them.