Guitar Tuning Pegs

Guitar Tuning Pegs

Keeping your guitar tuned is an important part of maintaining the instrument and getting the best sound when playing. Whether you are a hobbyist, solo act or part of the band, you want to make sure that your guitar is in tune so your songs sound great. There is a wide range of guitar tuning pegs and parts available to suit every guitar.

Guitar Tuning Materials

The pegs are connected to the top of the guitar and are used for tightening and loosening the strings to tune the instrument. The pegs come in a range of materials and shapes. There are completely metals pegs, and some which have metal screw and plastic or ivory turn keys. The plastic options usually have a chrome finish to mimic the look of ivory turn keys. There are silver alloy pegs which give a high quality finish, gold plated options and brass to match different guitar materials as needed.

Brands and Types of Guitar Tuning Pegs

There are options for acoustic guitar tuning pegs and electric guitar tuning pegs from many different brands. You can find pegs to suit guitar models from Fender, Gibson and many more depending on what guitar you have. Upgrading the pegs on your guitar can give you more precision when tuning because with a different gear ratio, you have more options to perfectly adjust the tuning.

Styles of Guitar Pegs

You might be looking for a particular style to add to your guitar or upgrade an existing low to mid price guitar with higher quality parts. There are novelty options such as skull shaped pegs, as well as authentic vintage pegs and vintage style pegs to add to your guitar. The vintage style options can give you the look you are after, without compromising on modern developments in the tuning pegs for precision and accuracy when tuning.

Tuning Your Guitar

Guitar tuners or tuning by ear is only as good as your tuning pegs so its important to make sure you have high quality pegs. This will help your strings to last longer as well as provide a better sound overall. The pegs can be installed by you following online instructions or by your local music store technicians.