Gun cleaning kits

Why should you clean your gun?

Each time you fire your gun, residue made from carbon, lead, copper and plastic can be left inside the barrel, chamber and action of the gun, meaning that it can influence the performance, distance and accuracy of the next shot you fire. Moisture from the weather and from sweat can also build up over time and can cause the metal of your gun to rust if not cleaned properly, in turn, this can have a huge influence upon the reliability and performance of your gun. You can find a wide selection of gun cleaning kits for different guns on eBay, which can help to keep your gun in decent condition.

What does a cleaning kit contain?

With the residue from shots fired being most apparent in rifles and pistols, you can find cleaning kits which have solid rods to clean the inside of the rifles, these are available in segments so you can adjust the length of them dependent upon the length of your pistol or rifle's barrel. The 'jag' or 'loop' is used to hold a cleaning patch at the end of the rod, when the rod and the patch go into the barrel they collect all of the debris left behind by previous shots. The cleaning kits come with cotton patches and are typically coated with solvent in order to loosen powder and bullet debris, you then can use a cleaning brush, some of which are available with brass ends cleaning debris quickly and efficiently. On eBay you can discover different kits which keep the tools in a neat, compact case, making it easy to store.

Other gun accessories

On eBay you can find a wide range of hunting equipment you can find camouflage items which are performance driven, whether in the shape of sun protective gear, waterproof jackets, pants and shoes to helmets and vests. To holsters for a convenient way to carry your gun, scopes, optics and lasers to improve your scope and shot, and a wide collection of hunting tools such as hunting knives making a great present for the avid hunter.