Gym Towels

Gym Towels

Having plenty of gym towels during your workouts is a great way to ensure you stay dry, and that you leave any fitness equipment you use in good condition. There are numerous types of gym towels available, and some are more suitable for specific athletic activities. With so many to choose from, you can find all sorts of gym towels to add to your workout ensemble.

Fitness Gym Towels

Fitness gym towels work well for drying yourself after a number of different physical activities, including using cardio machines, such as stairclimbers or stationary bikes. Fitness gym towels are also a good choice for swimmers or for those who like to shower at the gym before going home. Most feature soft fabric and offer maximum absorbency. The majority of these towels are large enough to wrap around your entire body.

Running Gym Towels

Running gym towels are specific to runners. They are great for wiping sweat out of your eyes on the go, and some feature extra soft microfibre fabric to help prevent your skin from becoming irritated if you frequently wipe yourself down. There are also towels made for runners specifically designed to feel cool and refreshing against the skin.

Bodybuilding Gym Towels

Bodybuilding gym towels are great for those who spend a lot of time working with fitness equipment such as weight machines and bench presses. Most of these towels are smaller than their full-sized counterparts, making them more convenient to carry from one machine to next. Use them to wipe down machines or place them on the machines before using them to prevent sweat from getting onto the seats or backrests.

Gym Towel Accessories

Gym towel accessories can make it easier and more convenient to bring towels with you when your work out. Gym bags with towel compartments help ensure you always have a towel on hand. There are also post-gym towel tote bags available, so you can store away your dirty towels, keeping them separate from your other gym equipment.