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Hone your skills with a gymnastics bar

A gymnastics bar, which is also known as a high bar, is a common type of fitness equipment. You can buy training bars to use at home that are great for strength training and for improving your overall gymnastics bar performance. Whether you're shopping for a bar for an advanced gymnast, a beginner gymnast, or a child, you're sure to find what you're looking for here on eBay.

Factors to consider

It's important to look at height of the bar you're thinking of buying. Many bars are intended for young children, so if they're not adjustable, they may simply be too small for the gymnast who wants to use it. If you are buying for a child, make sure the bar's width is small enough that they can get a good grip.

Take a close look at the base width, as that's where the stability is. If you buy a bar that has a narrow base, you can expand it yourself, however, it's best to buy a gymnastics bar with a base that's wide enough to begin with.

Weight comes into play in two ways, the weight of the gymnast and the weight of the bar. The bar should be sturdy enough to hold the weight of the gymnast. You may want to consider purchasing a heavier bar as they're usually made of better materials. Plus, you're less likely to have issues with stability and bending.

The material used to make the bar is important to consider because the bar should be flexible and strong. Beech is a good wood for gymnastics bars. Gymnastics bars shouldn't be used without a suitable mat underneath. Some high bars are sold with exercise mats, but if not, you should purchase one separately. These help to soften falls and reduce injuries if you fall.