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Find your balance with a gymnastics beam

Few other events require the skill and precision of the balance beam gymnast. Despite being four inches wide, gymnasts spin and pirouette on the beam with impressive precision. A gymnastics beam is a great addition to your collection of home gym equipment, as you can practice without having to commute to a gym. Whether you're a beginner gymnast or you want to begin training to compete at a higher level, you'll sure to find the right piece of gymnastic equipment here on eBay.

Balance beams for beginners

If you're a beginner gymnast who is just starting to work on the beam, a foam beam is the best option. Beginner beams are oblong shaped and have sloped sides. The top of the beam is four inches across, however, the beam's sides split away at sharp angles so that the bottom of the beam is wider at six inches across.

The top is only two inches from the floor. The interior of beginner beams is made of padded foam, making the beam strong enough to grip on to for holding positions, but soft enough that the gymnast won't sustain serious injury. Adding a padded mat underneath this equipment can further improve safety. Some beginner styles are available in folding designs, making it easy to store when not in use.

Junior balance beams

Junior beams are intended for intermediate gymnasts. Appearing more like competition beams, the interior of junior balance beams is made from wood, with suede covering the whole apparatus. These beams are four inches across at the top and are four inches tall, the same measurements of a regulation beam. However, they don't have the same height as advanced balance beams.

Advanced balance beams

Advanced beams are designed for high-level gymnasts and are designed to be a foot from the ground. This enables the gymnast to perform tumbling, such as dips and tucks more easily. Advanced balance beams have a steel interior, making them very durable. The beam is wrapped in a suede material, with extra padding on top and steel legs at both ends.