Get tumbling with the right gymnastics equipment

Gymnastics finds its roots in ancient Greece. Young men were put through intense training, both mentally and physically, to prepare for war. They would lift weights, race each other, and perform floor exercises. The Greeks viewed body and mind as learning that should go hand-in-hand. Physical fitness was its own form of patriotism which isn't surprising considering it's where the Olympics originated.

Looking back at gymnastics

Gymnastics as we know it, however, did not come until much later. Friedrich Ludwig Jahn earned the moniker father of gymnastics and it was he who created gymnastics equipment such as the balance beam, horse, high and parallel bars. These would spread the world over and become the gymnastics that we recognise today.

In 1896, the first modern Olympics were held and gymnastics was on the list of approved events. At the time, there were eight events, rope climbing included, and over 70 male competitors. From there it morphed into artistic gymnastics with women getting their shot at the Olympic competition in 1928.

You don't have to be on the road to the Olympics to enjoy watching or participating in gymnastics. All you need is the right gymnastics equipment to begin your own journey and believe it or not, you can start with the basics at home! If you want to take it seriously then you will need to invest in a trainer. If your child is interested in the sport then the earlier you can enrol them in a class the better.

Shopping for gymnastics gear made easy

If your gymnastics journey is only just beginning then you will want to check out the variety on offer in gymnastics training aids. Once you have more experience under your belt you can take a look at gymnastics equipment such as balls and accessories. It doesn't matter whether it's a hobby you enjoy for exercise or you take it a bit more seriously, the proper gear will help you feel comfortable and stay safe while practising.