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Gymnastics Leotards

Buying girls gymnastic and ballet leotards

Do you or your daughter need to update your leotard wardrobe? On eBay youll find a huge range of colours, styles, and designs to fit every gymnast and dancer.

When purchasing girls gymnastic leotards or girls ballet leotards, its easy to get lost among the hundreds of different leotards on the market. A few simple questions can narrow down your choice so you can find the perfect leotard for you or your little girl.

Which sport will your leotard be used for?

While some leotards are suitable for both gymnastics and dance, there a few differences that youll want to consider before making your leotard purchase. Girls gymnastics leotards tend to be multi-coloured and feature different designs and bright fabrics. While these colours and designs are sometimes suitable for dance and ballet, at other times girls ballet leotards are required to be just one colour without any shiny fabrics or patterns. You might opt for Nike womens gymnastics sportswear for high-quality materials that are guaranteed to last through hours of practice.

Do I want a leotard set or a one-piece?

Youll find that the majority of both girls gymnastics leotards and girls ballet leotards come in a one-piece style, but you can also find leotards that come in a two-piece set. These two pieces are typically a spandex pair of shorts and a singlet, but you can also find sets that feature a full leotard and a pair of womens gymnastics shorts or a set that features shorts and a crop top. Choosing a one-piece or set will come down to what makes you comfortable and confident.

Do I need sleeves?

Girls gymnastics leotards and girls ballet leotards can come in both sleeveless and long-sleeve options. Many gymnastics competitions require long-sleeves, so having a few long-sleeve options might be a great choice for you or your little gymnast. If you prefer to stay cool with a sleeveless leotard, youll find a number of both girls gymnastics leotards and girls ballet leotards with a singlet-style top. You can also find leotards in a bodysuit style, which can be especially popular for young gymnasts and dancers that are just starting out in their sport.

After asking yourself these few questions, youre sure to find the girls gymnastics leotards or girls ballet leotards that are the perfect fit. Browse eBays range to find the leotard that suits your needs and style.