Bring a little sweetness to your day with Haribo on eBay 

With an alleged 100 million candies made per day, there's plenty of Haribo to go around and you'll find them right here on eBay. A German confectionery company that's been around since 1920, Haribo are famous for creating the first gummy candy back in 1922. If you've got a craving for these delicious Haribo lollies " which can be hard to come by Down Under" get your fix thanks to eBay's huge range of Haribo lollies at very tempting prices. You'll find both American and European varieties - or try them both if you want to see the difference for yourself. 

Get your fill of Gold-Bears! note: Gold-Bears, not gummy bears, since gummibar translates to the slightly less appetizing "rubber bear" in German, with Haribo Gold-Bear packets available on eBay in all sizes. Choose standard size bags, bulk packs and bags of mini, individually-wrapped packets. Or choose from other classics like Haribo strawberries, cherries, Star Mix, cola bottles (both the plain and fizzy kinds), snakes and peaches. Get even bigger taste with Haribo's giant varieties, including giant strawberries and giant suckers. If you like your lollies sweet with a twist, Haribo's sour range is for you. There's sour strawberries, sour spaghetti and sour Gold-Bears just for starters. Vegetarian or don't eat pork for religious reasons? Haribo has your back with their gelatin-free range. 

Planning a party or event with a lolly buffet? Or do you have some lolly bags to fill? Search eBay's range of Haribo in bulk and give your guests the perfect treat. eBay's Haribo lolly range includes bulk packs of your favourite Haribo candies. They'll be the highlight of your event, which will be one to remember. 

Just like their slogan says, Haribo will make you happy no matter how old you are. Order a little piece of happiness on eBay today.