HDD PC Laptops and Notebooks

While solid state drives offer improved speed and performance, laptops equipped with traditional hard disk drives (HDD) are still worth considering. Not only do they cost less than equivalent laptops with SSDs, there is also a larger range with larger capacity drives.

Capacity and Memory

Laptops come with hard disk drives of different sizes. For users who foresee the need for large storage capacities, such as those who store a lot of picture or video files, laptops with large hard drives are a good idea. While many laptops now come with 1 TB hard disk drives, it is possible to find ones with larger drives as well. It is also a simple matter to replace an existing hard drive with a larger or newer one. Another important factor to consider is RAM, or memory. The more memory a computer has, the faster it can switch between large programs. While HDD laptops with 8 GB of RAM are sufficient for most day-to-day tasks, power users will appreciate the added sprightliness of HDD laptops with 16 GB of RAM or more.


The processor is the heart of a laptop. Consider more powerful processors if you use powerful programs. Processors with a higher number of cores can handle more tasks simultaneously, a feature that is useful for demanding tasks like video editing. However, as they come at a higher cost, consider laptops with less powerful processors if you only need to complete simple tasks, such as browsing the Internet and word processing.

Graphics Cards

Gamers will appreciate laptops with dedicated graphics cards as these can handle the complex calculations needed to render games smoothly. This feature is also useful for photographers and video editors. However, the current generation of integrated graphics cards handle most activities with aplomb, including playing 4K video.

Physical Characteristics

Since laptops are meant to be portable and users will probably spend a large amount of time travelling with them, their physical characteristics are quite important. Consider size and weight, and choose one as small and as light as possible with all the other features you need.