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Which Head tennis racquet is right for you?

Since 1950 Head have been producing sportswear, today they find themselves prestigiously globally renown for producing outstanding tennis equipment used and endorsed by professional tennis players. With a highly distinguished position as leaders throughout the sporting world, in addition to tennis, Head provides equipment, footwear and accessories for sports such as skiing, snowboarding, padel, squash, racquetball and swimming.

What are Heads tennis racquets made from?

Heads tennis racquets are available for different types of tennis, you can find racquets such as tour, recreational, pre-strung and junior racquets, which come in various dimensions and are made from different materials. Among these racquets you can discover a selection which are specifically tailored for men, women or children. On eBay you can discover racquets such as those which combine light balance and solid feel allowing easy volleying, or other racquets which provide speed, spin and precision.

How do I know which size tennis racquet to get?

The right grip size makes a huge difference in how your racquet performs on game day, and in training. In order to test your grip size, holding a racquet with your fingernails towards you, you should be left with enough room to fit an index finger in between your fingers and thumb. If there isn't enough room, the racquet is too small and if there is more than a finger width of space, the racquet is too large. Alternatively, if you don't have a racquet handy, you can measure your grip size using a ruler, measuring from the middle of your palm up to the tip of your ring finger, this will allow you to establish your grip size.

Where can I find replacement parts for my racquet?

If you went a bit 'too hard' on the court, you can find a selection of replacement Head equipment, whether Head tennis racquet strings , tennis balls, tennis bags, tennis clothes or general tennis racquet replacements.