HK Audio for an immersive experience

Over the last two decades, the HK Audio brand has become synonymous across the world with the highest-standard live sound reinforcement systems. Made in Germany, HK Audio systems are the result of years of dedicated research and development to produce the purest sound there is.

HK Audio PA Systems

Make yourself heard with stunningly clear, pronounced sound from one of the huge range of high-performance HK Audio PA systems and accessories. Ideal for public speaking at meetings and events in smaller sized rooms, the HK Audio L.U.C.A.S Nano 300 Compact 2.1 PA System offers an effective frequency range of 190 Hz – 20 kHz, +2 dB without distortion.

Setting up the Nano 300 is so easy thanks to its portable, lightweight dimensions. Once the unit is in place, all you need to do is connect your instrument or microphone to the satellite speakers and select the settings on the mixer. When you're ready to pack everything away, the satellites click back into the subwoofer for easy manoeuvrability.

HK Audio Subwoofers

Give deep resonance and pumping basslines to your music with a stunning quality HK Audio subwoofer. If it's a passive subwoofer you're looking for, look out for the compact yet powerful E110 sub in this range.

Incredibly lightweight at just 16.5 kg you can pack up and move your sub quickly and easily. Or, if it's a much larger concert-grade active speaker you're after, the HK Audio Duel 18-inch 2000 could be just the ticket. With spectacular 1200 mm x 560 cm x 790 cm dimensions, the surrounding cabinets are made from 18 mm birch plywood so making the 100 kg units extremely heavy and sturdy whilst producing the most awesome powerful sound yet.

No matter what kind of music you're into, make sure you do it justice with an HK sound system from the stunning range available.