Enhance your vehicle with HKS parts

HKS is a Japanese firm which is primarily renowned for manufacturing and supplying superior quality automotive performance and motorsport products. So if you're looking for a turbo timer, exhaust muffler, or a diesel blow off kit, explore the amazing array of HKS car and truck parts here on eBay.

HKS auto performance

A turbo timer allows an engine to idle for a preset amount of time after the ignition key has been turned to the off position and removed. By allowing a turbocharged engine to idle, oil continues to pass through the turbo until it has cooled down to the point where oil "coking" will not occur, adding a smoothness to your engine like you've never seen before.

Consider boosting performance further by adding a fuel cut defender, an electronic component designed to increase the factory fuel cut level on turbocharged vehicles. The factory fuel cut is usually set in motion by higher boost levels which then cuts off the fuel as a failsafe procedure.

Go for HKS air filters and induction kits help to keep your engine clean by filtering out anything in the air.

Why not then finish off the look with a 4 inch HKS exhaust cannon muffler. Made from exceptionally high-quality 304-grade stainless steel and with a stand-out neon polish, this muffler is specially designed with drag reduction in mind, and the design means creates a truly stunning an unique sound from your exhaust.

Car and truck gauges

Add some style to your interior by replacing the fascias on your oil pressure or engine temperature gauges. HKS Direct Bright meters are electro-luminescent versions of the popular 52 mm and 60 mm mechanical units. Available for boost, pressure, and temperature monitoring, DB meters are available in either white with black text or white text on black.

The EL lighting technology gives off a luminous blue glow giving outstanding visibility when driving at night. DB meters also include a direct sensor input design for reliability, easy installation, and accurate reading.