HO Scale Model Trains

Trix HO Scale Model Trains

Trix is one of the biggest and oldest brands in the model train market. A company that originated in Germany, it has produced quality electrically powered scale model trains since its creation in 1935 and continues to chug along to lead in terms of quality standards for the hobby. Despite numerous ownership changes, the brand still maintains its reputation for quality realistic models for hobbyists to enjoy.

Model Locomotives

The Trix brand has a long line of models that owners can use right out of the box or customise to their liking. For example, the Warship Diesel is a classic Trix HO scale locomotive that comes in military olive green with a light horizontal accent running along its middle. It features a two rail scale wheel operation complete with lights that turn on and shine. The Trix Ruston Hornsby Shunter is another classic model of the late 1960s locomotive that maintained operations until 2012. The design is characterised by its large, front section that is iconic among diesel trains in its time.


One of the beautiful things about model trains is that you can create your own combinations of engines and Trix HO scale model train carriages to suit your liking. You can combine boxcars from the same eras, but make sure you are using carriages of the same type. For instance, you wouldn’t put together diesel train carriages with electric train ones since the mismatching would detract from the realism of your model. If you want a Wild West representation of a whole train, you can assemble a collection of red passenger cars combined with a Rio Grande class K-36 engine for a realistic take of the train that tamed the Wild West.


Assembling a train model is only part of the story, as a large part of a train’s history is the routes it crosses to get from station to station. Fields with occasional clusters of conifer and perennial trees, rolling hills with the odd farmhouse and cattle ranch, or vast snow-capped mountains speckled with vegetation here and there—these are the hallmarks of the classic train ride experience, so capturing these scenes with proper use of diorama materials is one of the best ways to make a captivating representation of the good old days on the railroad.

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