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HOHNER Harmonicas

As one of the most loved musical instruments in the world, HOHNER has always been there to deliver the highest quality harmonicas around. HOHNER opened its doors over 150 years ago in Germany, and the brand is synonymous with the harmonica, thanks to their unique inventions and styles of this musical instrument. Whether you’re a professional harmonica player or just beginning, there’s sure to be a HOHNER out there to suit.

Beginner Harmonicas

The Silver Star by HOHNER Harmonicas is the instrument of choice for beginners, offering just a single note, which makes them easy to learn on. There are plenty of HOHNER beginner harmonicas to choose from, and each with their own key; however, the most common is the C note. People commonly call these blues harmonicas, but they’re popular with all types of music. Some beginner harmonicas also come with learning books that allow you to teach yourself at home.

Harmonica Sets

HOHNER also makes full sets of harmonicas, or blues sets. These come with seven different harmonicas, all of which has their own key. A harmonica set features A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G, and each sets comes with a professional carry case to keep them together. These HOHNER professional harmonicas are commonly favourites for musicians of all genres, thanks to the range of notes they can achieve, but they are most popular in the jazz and blues world.

Limited Edition HOHNERS

HOHNER is the most popular brand for professional musicians, and many famous harmonica players enjoy their limited edition instruments. In the past, musicians including John Lennon and Ozzy Osbourne have had their own HOHNER harmonicas come out as limited edition pieces, all as a tribute to their exceptional skills with the instrument.

Vintage Harmonicas

With HOHNER making harmonicas for over 150 years, there are now plenty of great vintage and antique harmonicas available. These make great collectibles for the music lover, even if you choose to own them purely to look at. During their inaugural year in 1957, HOHNER hand made 650 harmonicas, and this number increased significantly each year they went on.