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HOYA UV Camera Lens Filters

Hoya UV Camera Lens Filters

Modern photography has evolved so far that you can fine-tune your camera to take photos in all kinds of situations and under any light conditions. Attaching a filter to your camera lens allows you to affect the photo quality and achieve different, interesting effects. Japanese company Hoya produces several kinds of camera lens filters, each with their specific application. The UV filters are some of their most popular products. Learn more about Hoya UV lens filters to decide how you could enhance your photography by using these.

UV Filter Basics

The UV filters, or haze filters, reduce the effects of atmospheric haze, airborne pollutants and moisture, thus producing clearer and more vivid images. UV filters are available in varying strengths, and you should choose a higher level of UV filtration if you plan to take photos in conditions where the ambient ultraviolet light is particularly intense, such as near large open bodies of water, at high altitudes or in snow. Thinner UV filters are clear, while thicker variations add a bit of warmth to your photos. The latter requires some exposure compensation.

Benefits of UV Filters

When you attach a UV filter to your Hoya camera lens or onto any other camera, you can mainly improve the quality of photos that you take in bright sunlight, as these filters remove the blue cast from them. On older film cameras, these filters are useful for protecting film that is very sensitive to sunlight. On some lenses, the Hoya UV filters can reduce purple fringing. In addition to correcting your photos, the filter also adds some protection for your camera. It protects the lens against dust, dirt, scratches and smears as well as from dropping onto the ground.

Hoya UV and IR Cut Lens Filter

The range of Hoya camera lens filters includes different types of filters. The UV and IR Cut filter cuts UV rays below 390 nm as well as IR rays above 700 nm, so only the rays that belong to the visible spectrum pass through the lens. This lens filter is suitable for cameras that do not have an integrated IR in front of their sensor and lenses ranging from 49 to 82 mm.

Hoya Pro1D UV

The Hoya Pro1D UV is a special filter for digital cameras, but it does work on film cameras as well. As an all-around multi-purpose filter, this could serve you all the time and you do not even have to remove it at all. The low-profile frame avoids vignetting, while the black rimmed glass reduces the chance of light reflecting off the edge of the filter. Thanks to multicoating, lens flare and ghosting reduce to their minimum.