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HP Bluetooth Printers Keep You Working

Whether you’re working from home, on the road or at the office, HP Bluetooth printers will let you print important documents from anywhere.

A Bluetooth printer will let you connect wirelessly from any device that is Bluetooth-enabled. This means you can connect and print from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as long as you have Bluetooth switched on. Bluetooth uses low-powered radio signals to transmit data from your device to your printer.

HP Bluetooth printers come in different configurations

Depending on your needs, there are different types of HP Bluetooth printers that you can choose from. A great buy is the multi-function printers. These devices allow you to print and scan documents or copy certain documents if you need to make copies to send off or share with your work colleagues.

These units usually offer colour printing, but you usually have the option to print in grayscale to save on the colour ink that you might use otherwise. HP multi-function printers also allow you to download an app onto your smart device so you can control the print process on the go.

Buying online

You’ll find that these printers require you to install four print cartridges. One in black, one in yellow, one in red and one in blue. These 4 cartridges allow you to print both in black and white and any colour you desire. Many of these units also allow you to print photographs.

For simplicity, you can also purchase a small portable HP Bluetooth printer. These printers are much smaller and are designed for people on the go. They let you connect from any device so you can easily print invoices and documents for your clients while you’re on the road.

These portable printers are also ideal if you have limited workspace or you’re working from your caravan or motorhome while travelling. Other types of printers include laser printers and dedicated photo printers.