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HP Computer Power Supplies

The power supply of your HP computer is an important factor to consider because this determines how well your device performs and whether it heats up during operation or not. The wrong power supply system may even reduce the lifespan of your entire computer and cause instability. The power supply units, or PSUs, are especially crucial when building a desktop computer. Laptops include rechargeable batteries, which are slightly easier to replace, and you can also purchase new power adapters.

ATX Compliance

Graphics cards, PCI Express bus cards and processors of HP desktop PCs have advanced a great deal and thus also require more power to operate. The AT and later the ATX standard developed to provide that extra power, whereas "AT" stands for "advanced technology" and "ATX" for " advanced technology extended." The ATX12V is a further development of the standard. Generally, these standards are backwards compatible with older systems. When looking for a power supply, choose one with at least the ATX v2.01 compliance. Your HP ATX computer power supply should meet the power specifications for your computer system.

Power Efficiency

Computer power supplies receive power from wall outlets and convert its voltage to lower levels that your PC uses. Some power gets lost as heat during such a conversion. The more efficient the PSU, the less power it loses and the less electricity you use, thereby saving money. Look for a PSU that has an 80Plus logo, which indicates that it has a certificate for better power efficiency.

Noise Level

The less efficient your PSU, the more the fan needs to work to avoid overheating and the more noise it creates. You can select a more efficient power supply or opt for a larger fan that moves more air through the unit, but at lower speeds. Silent or fanless power supplies are yet another option, while temperature controlled fans are also useful.

Laptop Power Supplies

When selecting a power supply for your HP laptop, first determine the model of your notebook. You can find the model number in the laptop's system information or from the user manual. When matching the model number upon choosing an additional or replacement power adapter, pay close attention to the number because these numbers can look similar. As using the wrong adapter can damage your HP laptop, try and match the voltage as well.

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