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If you use a desktop computer or network-linked storage, you may benefit by getting an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). The variety of options that HP offers ensures that you’ll find something to suit your needs. For example, you can find units that will keep your desktop, modem, and Wi-Fi router running for hours. HP provides UPS solutions for servers too. However, there’s more to a UPS than power backup, so you need to pay attention to different aspects of HP UPS batteries and components.


Check if the UPS you’re looking at offers enterprise-wide intelligent manageability with HP Power Protector and UPS Network Module software. The network module gives an administrator the ability to remotely monitor a UPS and reboot a network device. When used with the HP Systems Insight Manager or another compatible network management software, discovering and fixing power related problems becomes quick and easy. If the power management software notifies you of an impending battery failure, you may receive a free replacement from the company through its pre-failure battery warranty.

Battery Capacity

HP’s uninterruptible power supplies for computers offer a wide range in capacity of batteries to meet different needs. For instance, the HP T750 UPS, with backup power up to 750 VA / 500 watts, is best suited for desktops and entry-level servers. The HP R5000 UPS, on the other hand, offers 5000 VA / 4500 watts of power in just 3U rack space, making it ideal for larger operations. If you want even more juice, take a look at what the HP R7000 UPS has to offer. If you’re unsure about how much power you need, it is better to err on the higher side because increased capacity will give you more uptime.


The number of outlets will vary from one model to the next so determine how many C19, C13, and L6-30 outlets you need. Some models include extension bars with extra outlets, and some are compatible with HP power distribution unit extension bars.

Other Key Features

Front panel LCD systems simplify the configuration of most HP UPSs. Getting a unit with a hot-swappable battery and an electronics module ensures that you can make replacements easily. You may also want to check for compatibility with all the devices you plan to use.

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