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HP Desktops & All-In-One Computers

Get a great all-in-one computer with a HP desktop

A HP desktop combines the worlds of work and play in an all-in-one desktop computer. Whether you will use your desktop for browsing the web, playing games, or studying, there is a model that is perfect for you. For example, modern HP Pavilion desktops use Windows 10 to give you an up to date all-in-one computer experience.

Whether youre looking for a powerful Intel Core, or a HP Pavilion with all of Windows 10s latest features, HP will have a desktop for you.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to processors, depending on your specific requirements. For standard daily use, the Intel Celeron processor and Intel Pentium processor can handle everything you and your family need. Many HP Pavilion desktops come with Intel processors as standard. With the built-in optical drive, you are also able to watch and write DVDs as and when you wish.

For a more optimised performance at home and across your business, opt for a HP desktop with Radeon graphics.


If you are after a gaming desktop, watch out for the HP Omen Desktop. It uses NVIDIA, GeForce graphics and its super-fast Intel processor to keep you one step ahead of your fellow gamers.

The HP Envy desktop is also a great desktop PC to use for gaming. It features an AMD Radeon graphics and an Intel quad-core i5 processor, which is an exceptional Intel Core processor for HD gaming performance and experience. With AMD, your games will have never looked better.


Most HP users are looking for flexible storage, and HP has you covered. Although all desktops come with built-in storage, HP desktops offer you the option to use one of the many USB ports fitted into the desktop to connect an external hard drive if you are in need of more. You can also use one of the USB ports to connect your mobile device in order to import or export files to and from the desktop. This USB connection will also charge your phone while doing so.