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HP Envy Laptop Batteries

HP Envy Laptop Batteries

The powerful HP Envy laptops are true workhorses that can run on their batteries for many hours. However, the more you use your notebook, the sooner the battery eventually dies. At first, this may mean that you always need to be in close proximity to power outlets and recharge the computer more often. At some point, it can also translate into poorer performance, and you then lose the benefits of fast and effortless computing. Learn about replacing batteries and find the right laptop batteries for HP that can power your Envy.

Find Out the Laptop Model

ENVY laptops come in different sizes, with 13-inch or even 17-inch displays. Therefore, the batteries are also different, so it matters whether you have a HP Envy 13 or HP Envy 17. You can check the model from the laptop itself or from the box if you still have it. When purchasing a new battery, it is also crucial to choose one that is specifically for the Envy because laptop batteries for an HP Pavilion, for instance, or for other models may not fit or operate properly.

Determine the Battery Model Number

The safest bet for acquiring the right battery for your HP Envy laptop is matching the new battery model number with the old one. The part number is a unique identifier, which allows you to define a part unambiguously, so you cannot go wrong with this. Remove the battery and read the part number directly from there.

Match the Features

The voltage of the new Envy laptop battery should be the same as that of the old one. You can allow for some alterations, though. For instance, you could use a 10.8 V battery if your laptop needs an 11.1 V battery, but you cannot replace a 14.4 V battery with 7.2 V. You may or may not match the capacity of the battery. Within the manufacturers specifications, you could choose a battery with higher capacity. The physical dimensions, or at least the electrical connections do have to be the same because otherwise you could not install the battery onto your computer.

Select a New Battery

You would not want a used battery to replace your old, worn-out battery, as this would not be able to hold a charge for too long. The battery should have a seal and always be as new as possible. The manufacturing date should ideally be no more than 18 months before the purchase date. Even when the battery is still technically new, it can lack the capacity you require if it has been standing on the shelf for too long.