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HP Inkjet Printers

HP Inkjet Printer

HP has been providing our homes and offices with quality printing, imaging, and IT solutions for many years, and as the first company to introduce the desktop printer back in 1984, they’ve greatly expanded their range to include many variations and models. The HP inkjet printers come in both consumer and professional models with something to suit every type of printing job big or small.

Home Printers

HP makes a number of printers designed for home use, all created to fit in the small space you have on your desktop. These come assembled and ready to use straight out of the box so there’s no need for a complicated setup, and some even come with the option to scan and copy too. There are wireless HP inkjet printers and models with cables, so it all depends on your needs.

Office Printers

If you’re after an office printer that can handle a high volume of tasks, HP inkjet printers are an ideal choice. The inkjet technology means you can print clearer, faster, and cheaper, so they’re ideal for office situations. OfficeJet Pro printers from HP can cost up to 50 percent less per page to print in colour, making them a great investment for the workplace.

Wireless Capabilities

HP printers come with the option to connect to your computer wirelessly, which means less mess and more productivity. In addition to the wireless setup, some of their printers also have the ability to print straight from your smartphone or tablet at the push of a button. For a more traditional setup, there are HP inkjet USB connectivity printers available which connect your printer to cameras, scanners and other drives if required.

Multi Purpose Printers

Many of the printers in the Inkjet range come with other capabilities, so there’s no need to purchase any more hardware for your home or office when you buy a HP. Their inkjet printers also feature scanners, copiers, and fax machines for a truly multipurpose device or you can purchase a simple printer with the ability to print in either black and white or colour too.