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HP Intel Core i7 4th Generation Desktop PC

The HP Intel Core i7 has a lot to offer users. The 4th generation offers the best technology available with many improvements over previous products. You can select the right model of HP desktop PCs for your needs based on the operating system, memory and hard drive capacity as well as features.

Operating System for the HP Intel Core i7 4th Gen

Choose your HP desktop computer based on the operating system installed. You can find models with Windows 7 or newer versions of the operating system such as Windows 8.1. The newest devices may even include Windows 10.

Memory for the HP Intel Core i7 4th Gen

You will discover there are multiple options for memory with the HP Intel Core i7. There are choices from 4, 8  and 16 GB. The more memory you have, the faster and more efficiently your computer will run plus you will be able to run more tasks at the same time.

Hard Drive Capacity for HP Intel Core i7 4th Gen

You need enough hard drive capacity on your  HP desktop to install the applications and programs you want to use. The hard drive also controls how much space you have for files, photos and other items you want to save. You can find models with many different storage options.

Other Features for the HP Intel Core i7 4th Gen

Consider the other features that come with an HP Intel Core i7 4th Gen computer. You will find devices with USB ports to allow you to connect other gadgets. Many of these desktop computers include a keyboard and mouse. They often include a DVD drive so you can watch movies or install new programs using a CD. These computers also often feature a solid state drive for more reliability.